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Title: Finland BBQQ 2017 One more try on this fucking poll. I can't compute.
Post by: Iraiaan on 27, July, 2017, 13:01:03
Since i'm a fucking retard i have to redo this poll. So made it now so it's multiple choice. So once more with feeling... Gyrm if you'd be so kind and delete my last post cos now it's just shitfuck and misleading. Sorry for the constant messups. I don't do forums very well.

I dunno what you guys think about doing this year but in fb group i was recommended to add this suggestion here. At first I threw it out there as a joke but fuck it here's an option:

In Finland you can have a BBQ BUT since we're so late in the game I dunno when we can rent the cabin. The earliest would be on september I think.

Here's some general info about the cabin and prices:
Main building fri-sun 230?  3rooms + kitch + sauna 120m2
Smaller building 2 rooms + kitchenthingie + sauna 50m2 170? fri-sun
But if we get more than 4 people it would be recommended to get the bigger house. It has loads of room.
Every extra 24h is 115? for the main building and 85? on the smaller one.
Main building has 10 beds if i remember correctly.

This cabin thingie is located in Tampere, Finland where I live. Around 30min drive from the city center. We also have an airport in Tampere.
Here's a webpage to the cabin thingie (it's in Finnish so good luck with that)

Here is the location on the map:

NOTE: None of this is certain. I do not know yet if any of those days are open for the cabin but based on this poll I will ask if the cabin is available. But this is a possible option.

Title: Re: Finland BBQQ 2017 One more try on this fucking poll. I can't compute.
Post by: Nathlin on 20, August, 2017, 22:44:22
I'm too late to vote but my only option is last weekend in September.