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Title: [Declined] Aro?n Application
Post by: Aroen on 22, April, 2018, 01:01:05
b]1. Is this an application for raiding, social or super secret espionage purposes?[/b]
This is an application for raiding mostly but also show my social side. I also promise im not a russian spy :taurenbigsmile:
2. Who, where, and what are you in real life? Name, age, number of ears and all that stuff.
Im a Swedish male, that lives in Sweden, Stockholm. Im 18 years old and i study hard i school atm. But on my free time i play wow and if i get arsed to get out my gaming chair and go to exersice badminton.
3. What is your character's name, class, level, spec, race, and hair colour?
Name: Aro?n
Class: Druid
Level: 110 (ilvl 965)
Race: Tauren
Spec: Feral
Hair colour: Black i think.

4. Is this your main character? What other characters do you play actively?
Aro?n is my main character, but i do have a ret paladin and a frost mage on the alliance side which i play sometimes.
5. What is your favorite drinking song, cooking recipe, toothpaste brand or conspiracy theory?
Im not a alcoholic so i dont drink shit, and i dont know any drinking songs... My best cooking recipe is basically go onto Ubereats and order Thai food from the local thai food resturant. I also think brushing your teeths is overrated so i dont buy any toothpaste. I believe 9/11 was a inside job by the government and i got a text on 4 pages written about that.
6. What's the reason you're on RPPvP Scarshield Legion (or whichever connected realm you're on)?
Most of my friends play on this server, and i have been around on this server for like 3 years i think. I believe this is the most chill server ever and thats why i like it so much.
7. Why do you want to join Ferus?
I want to hang out with the boys and girls and raid with them. Have a good chat and post them spicy memes sometimes. I also want to show of my cat skills and be a good friend.
8. Do you know any of our current members? If so, what filthy lies did they tell you?
I dont think i know anyone in this guild.
9. What guild(s) have you been in before, and what was the reason(s) you left?
I was just in Cold Blood, which is a alliance guild on Scarshield legion. My reason for leaving is basically that i just switched over from alliance to horde.
10. Which aspects of the game do you find the most enjoyable?
The raiding with a guild is the best part of the game and just have fun. But i also think the pvp is pretty enjoyable.
11. Whence tell granule purple and maybe little flicker?
Im swedish i i dont understand this sentence im sorry.
12. What did we forget to ask you about?
I have two cute dogs that i like to chill with.
13. Anything else we should know about you?
Im a social living cat meme.
Title: Re: Aro?n Application
Post by: Eesh on 23, April, 2018, 17:55:27
Unfortunately this application is very thin so we're going to decline.

Best of luck!