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Applications / [Declined]: Sunfury, Holy Paladin
« on: 27, September, 2018, 21:04:30 »
1. Is this an application for raiding, social or super secret espionage purposes?
Raiding and social, no real espionage plans  : :trollwink::  Really keen to be part of an in-game community and get back into Raiding!

2. Who, where, and what are you in real life? Name, age, number of ears and all that stuff.
Josh, 28, based near Guildford. Working as a News Editor near London.
Usual number of ears, albeit small ones.
Returning to the game for the first time since WotLK! Kinda sad I missed out on Legion, as it looks like it had loads of cool mounts and the storyline (and artefact weapons) sounded great.

3. What is your character's name, class, level, spec, race, and hair colour?
Name: Sunfury
Class: Paladin
Level: 120
Race: Blood Elf
Spec: Holy
Hair colour: Blonde

4. Is this your main character? What other characters do you play actively?
Yep! Also play a Troll Demo Warlock, Tauren Guardian Druid and Troll Hunter - but not keen on what they've done to my beloved Survival spec (I liked being a frantic CC'er in WotLK!)

5. What is your favorite drinking song, cooking recipe, toothpaste brand or conspiracy theory?
Pretty interested in MK Ultra, but will always drink to 'Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced'

6. What's the reason you're on RPPvP Scarshield Legion (or whichever connected realm you're on)?
Signed up to Scarshield back in Vanilla, as liked the RP aspect, and really wanted the PVP. Barrens Chat has a lot to answer for

7. Why do you want to join Ferus?
Looking for an established guild so I can level my gear up and jump back into raiding.

8. Do you know any of our current members? If so, what filthy lies did they tell you?
Don't know any of you... yet

9. What guild(s) have you been in before, and what was the reason(s) you left?
Used to be a member of Doomhammer's Legacy back in WotLK, but sadly they don't raid as much as they used to.

10. Which aspects of the game do you find the most enjoyable?
I love the terrifying adrenaline rush of healing. None of the glory, all of the blame, but it feels great when you succeed!

11. Whence tell granule purple and maybe little flicker?

12. What did we forget to ask you about?
Availability for Raiding (Weekday evenings, Sunday evenings), times online (as availability for Raiding!),

13. Anything else we should know about you?
Really keen to progress my iLevel and Azarite level (what a pain Azarite is!) so I can leap in and start healing in big, scary raids!
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