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Public / BBQQ 2016 thread #54675685567
« on: 29, July, 2016, 17:11:26 »
So is there a BBQQ this year?
Public / We're alive!
« on: 06, January, 2013, 15:54:09 »
I just thought I'd highlight this fact.

Public / Forum access requests
« on: 08, June, 2010, 00:33:19 »
Post here if you think you should have forum access. That includes recent trialists that we forgot to give forum access to and old members returning. If you have a character is in the guild but you can't see the internal parts of the forum, this thread is for you.
Public / Oh hai!
« on: 07, June, 2010, 23:28:55 »
FORUMZ, LOLZ. I dont know how to work these yet, so like, bear with me and shizzle. KAY? LOLZ, YOU PROLLY CANT EVEN REPLY TO BITCH ANYWAYS, HAHAHAHAha..ha oh shit, what did that jus-
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