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Applications / Ferus Recruitment FAQ
« on: 20, September, 2019, 10:10:38 »
Recruitment: OPEN

Current recruitment status?
Currently recruiting pretty much anything.

Formally, none. We accept players, not characters, and much prefer ones we think will fit in. Most guild members are 25-35 years old, so a level of maturity is expected (for a sufficiently vague definition of "mature"), along with a sense of humor and some common sense. Sanity is entirely optional. If you want to join us for raiding, having put in the effort to get whatever gear you can outside of raids obviously gives a much better impression. A respect for the fact that this is an RP server is expected, even if we are not an RP guild.

What happens after I apply?
After we receive an application, our members discuss it internally. Because we like to argue about things, and will take any excuse to do so. We usually give this step a few days to give everyone a chance to chip in. We'll let you know the result as soon as we know it ourselves. If you're accepted we'll invite you as a trial member, which you'll stay as until we're suitably convinced that you're awesome or until we forget that you're not a full member. Trialists have the same rights as full members, including for loot and raid spots, so the length of your trial period shouldn't really affect you. The only differences is forum privileges.

The Guild

What's the guild's main focus?
Enjoyment. For most of us that means PvE raiding, but we tend to do a little bit of everything when we feel like it. The main thing is to play with people you like.

A reasonable number of actively played alts are welcome if your main is in the guild. Any alts not played actively (or with stupid names) will be kicked without mercy. Applications from alts whose mains are not in the guild are generally not accepted.

How old is Ferus?
Ferus was formed in 2006, shortly after Scarshield Legion EU opened. Depending on how you count, the current guild is either younger or older than that. Although considering that I'm making minor modifications to a post Sanzul made, and that I am making it for classic, the current guild is certainly younger. Long story short, the guild <Pariah> was formed at level 60 when <Ferus> and <Seekers> merged, and most of the members of Pariah reformed under the old Ferus banner when raid sizes went from 40 to 25 in TBC. The guild has been continuously active since.

The Ferus BBQQ is our annual IRL meetup, which has been going since 2008 (or possibly 2007, depending on who you ask). It's traditionally held around midsummer and involves lots of barbecue and beer. The location tends to be somewhere in Scandinavia, but the exact place varies. Some year's BBQQ was in the Blekinge archipelago in Sweden, and the year before that was in Moss in southern Norway. Previous BBQQs have been held in the Swedish cities of Malmö, Lund, Umeå, and Gävle, as well as in the Finnish archipelago.


Raiding days?
TBD. Expect two or three nights per week (or just the one if we have things on farm.) Previously, we've raided 20-23 realm time, with a 15-minute break somewhere near the middle. We tend to be very strict about not going past the end time.

TBD. Unless we find a good AddOn for in-game event management, it's likely one will be written for that explicit purpose.

Currently nothing. We have not started raiding in Classic yet. You can check our old retail progress here or our WoWProgress page for a more reliably up to date count.

Voice chat?
We heard all the cool kids use Discord, so that's where we do that sort of thing nowadays.
Applications / Classic?
« on: 13, August, 2019, 23:01:11 »
Yes. We will be in classic. Going to do some work making the forums more accomodating in that regard over the next few days. Stay tuned.
Public / Ferus to Stop Raiding
« on: 13, November, 2018, 05:43:08 »
I am sad to announce that Uldir will be Ferus' final raid tier, and we will not be continuing in the future. The reasons for this are many, but it essentially comes down to our raid team having steadily deteriorated ever since the beginning of Warlords of Draenor, until the point where it is no longer sustainable. As we are not able to do mythic raids, even having problems getting heroic raids going, it is simply too difficult to attract and retain the right people in sufficient numbers. There simply is no magic solution to fix the problem.

The guild itself will of course keep existing in one form or the other, but I'm afraid our raiding days are numbered. I do see that this may well cause some of us to scatter, but staying in touch with everyone would of course be welcome, and nothing says there still won't be BBQQs. We had a good thing going for a good long while, but nothing lasts forever.

Together, we've seen things people wouldn't believe. Zeppelins on fire off the shoulder of Deathwing. We watched lightning beams glitter in the dark near Pandaria. None of those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

Member and trial members may discuss it here, if you fit this category but are unable to access the link, shout at an officer and they'll fix it.
Public / BBQQ 2018
« on: 01, July, 2018, 22:49:32 »
I was informed someone not me would make a thread about this, but since this has not yet happened, it falls to me to make it happen.

BBQQ will take place September 7-9, same place as two years ago, that place being Ronneby, Sweden. Since it happens to be in that same location, you might find more information here.

There is also a Facebook event, but not sure linking to it here would help.

Yeah, I'm bad at this. Just poke me if you have any questions. I will probably be unable to answer most of them, but still.
Public / BBQQ 2017 Date
« on: 01, May, 2017, 22:33:20 »
A nice little poll for when people are available for BBQQing in 2017. Location will be decided later, but is hovering around Link?ping/Stockholm. Including a ridiculous amount of weekends stretching what is probably too far either side into both June and August.
Public / BBQQ 2016 date
« on: 14, February, 2016, 13:18:03 »
It's certainly time to start planning it.

To start things off, it has been discussed making it something more special, given that it's our 10th anniversary as a guild. More specifically, it has been discussed renting a house in Prague.

Right. Start talking about BBQQ shiz!
Public / BBQQ 2015
« on: 26, February, 2015, 23:28:25 »
We need a thread for this. Now we have a thread for this. LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN THIS YEAR!

[Edit 1, concerning date:]
The grand doodle! For giving input on which weekends you're able to attend, if you're interested.

[Edit 2, concerning location:]
Its at Sparkle and me's place.
Moss, Norway (60km south of Oslo)

[Edit 3, concerning time:]
The weekend July 10-12th.
Public / Winter BBQQ: Where? When? How?
« on: 09, June, 2014, 14:29:33 »
Since it seems people are too preoccupied and/or poor for the annual BBQQ this summer, we've had a motion to have a winter BBQQ instead. Which means it's time to start throwing around ideas in regards to then when and where. And maybe even the how.
« on: 10, May, 2011, 01:31:43 »
Reports say that Houvi was just here. SO HI HOUVI IN CASE YOU DROP BY AGAIN, HI!
Public / Wowhead tooltips
« on: 02, April, 2011, 20:05:03 »
Just installed a mod for the forums that will allow you to link items on wowhead in your posts.

Just use:

Code: [Select]
[wow]Item name[/wow] or [wow]Item id[/wow]

Code: [Select]
[wow]Weeds[/wow]Will give:


Code: [Select]
[wow]100[/wow]Will give:

As you can see, the background color is currently a bit messed up. I'll see if this can be fixed soonish.
There we go, all better.
Public / New forum location
« on: 31, March, 2011, 20:26:49 »
If you can see this, welcome to the new home of our forums, brought to you by Atxor. :orclove:

(Oops. The emoticon package isn't in place, making things look weird. Also other weirdness.)

Also, as you may see, lots of things look plenty weird over here, hopefully that will get sorted soon.
Public / About Ferus
« on: 20, March, 2011, 14:07:25 »
This thread will have a short description of the guild once Gyrm writes it. Which he still hasn't done, two years later.


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