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Applications / [Accepted] Nathlin 20ish Troll druid
« on: 04, June, 2011, 20:48:02 »
1. Is this an app for raiding or social purposes?
Mainly the second

2. Who, where, and what are you in real life? Name, age, etc.
A nice person who wants world peace he hehe
My name is Ylva , I'm 23 and I studu mathematical engineering in Lund

3. What is your character's name, class, level, spec, race, and hair colour? Please post an armoury link as well ( ).

Name: Nathlin
Class: Druid
Level: 20ish
Race: Troll
Spec: I'm balance butwill probably change to restauration
Hair colour: black
Armoury link: uhmm...

4. Is this your main character? What other characters do you play actively?
this is my only character for now, I'm new

5. What is your favorite drinking song, fruit, psalm, extinct species or recipe?
fat french girls (in swedish), dront(I miss them so much!), anything with good cheese and potatoes

6. What's the reason you're on RPPvP Scarshield Legion?
I like your peoples!

7. Why do you want to join Ferus? Why would Ferus want you to join?
I want to be a healer......

8. How did you hear about our guild, and what did you hear?
People in the guild forced the information on me on multiple occations in a less than sober state. . . . . .

9. Do you know any of our current members, and if so whom?
Zuleyka, Sanzul, Mizeth, Thzun, Khazzaron

10. What guild(s) have you been in before, and what was the reason(s) you left?

11. Which aspects of the game do you find the most enjoyable?
It feeds my hybris

12. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
What is a woodchuck?

13. What did we forget to ask you about?
When my birthday is

14. Anything else we should know about you?
I like presents
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