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Public / BBQQ-2017
« on: 04, February, 2017, 21:28:19 »
There wasn't a thread yet so I created one.
Public / BBQQ Food planning thread
« on: 05, July, 2015, 20:48:28 »
This is now a BBQQ food planning thread.

From the looks of it it seems that we will have 20 attendees for this years BBQQ making us able to enter Mythic BBQQ.
To maximize our odds for survival we will be needing buff food and with 20 ppl it might turn out rather messy if we make it up on the go.
So here is my suggestion:
I plan and buy all the necessary meatstuff and bring.
Someone else takes the responsibility for charcoal and or firewood and last we make some kind of salad or something together on somehow.

My plan is something along the lines of:
Friday night: Sausages
Saturday lunch: Chicken - I will see if I can get my hands on equipment to bbq whole chickens. In that case I will aim for always having at least one chicken over the fire for the rest of the day.
Saturday dinner: Some kind of meat. Depends on what kind of animal and part there of I find in the store in enough quantities. Probably some kind of cow part.

Does this sound reasonable?
Public / Ferus BBQQ 2012
« on: 19, June, 2011, 23:43:37 »
When and where?

Should we try to sync this with an AM meting so that we can lure them into a trap and down the other 24?
Applications / [Accepted] Thzun , 80 Orc Tank
« on: 20, February, 2011, 15:40:01 »
Name: Thzun
Class: Warrior
Level: 80
Race: ORC!
Spec: Prot
Hair color: Gray

Armory link:

4. Is this your main character? What other characters do you play actively?

Well I haven't really played any character actively lately but I am quite fond of my

warlock Elantedronai. Always good to have something to do when your main is locked to

every raid.

5. What is your favorite sports team, dinosaur, pi?ata, or cooking recipe?

My favorite sports team must for sure be the Swedish national team. When thinking of dinosaurs the first thing that comes to mind is T-rex transformer with lasers in one Transformers episodes (can't remember which), but I guess all raptors riding rocket propelled sharks are ok.
Pi?iata: The pink one with yellow dots and green stripes.
Cooking recipe: 500g dried yellow peas, 400g ham hock, 2 onions, 1 carrot.
Let it boil for 3 hours then add some pepper, thyme and marjoram.
Serve with lots of mustard.

6. What's the reason you're on RPPvP Scarshield Legion?

When the server was young I started playing here because of my friends and since then I've

been stuck. As of the RPPvP part I hate characters with stupid names and annoying ppl in

general. On a RPPvP server there is actually a chance to report those even thou it usually

doesn't help. Never the less, it feels better afterwards.

7. Why do you want to join Ferus? Why would Ferus want you to join?

Heard you where the most hardcore raiding guild on the server, or wait. Was that Pariah?

Well... there is an old saying "All roads leads back to Ferus." and even thou I do not

have as much time to play as I once had I most probably will be able to attend raids once

or twice a week. When the raiding in Ferus has worked it has been realy good and I am

certain it can become that again.

8. How did you hear about our guild, and what did you hear?

I first heard of the guild when my friends left Seekers to merge with Ferus and form


9. Do you know any of our current members, and if so whom?

Yes I do, at least if you define "know" in "WoW"-terms.
Galen, Ravex, Khaitobella, Gallate, Khold, Manovan, Zweil, Kresh, Zuleyka (IRL), Bradshaw

to name a few.

10. What guild(s) have you been in before, and what was the reason(s) you left?

Seekers, Pariah, Ferus, Seekers
Left Seekers to form Pariah sometime during the summer of 2006. Left Pariah to reform with

the raiders in Pariah in Ferus mid TBC. Left Ferus 2.10-ish to get a fresh start raiding

with some of the members of Ferus and dug up good old Seekers.

11. Which aspects of the game do you find the most enjoyable?

1. Tanking suicide heroic speed runs.
2. Raid tanking
3. /guild
4. Late night /trade

12. Ferus has a long-term goal of getting back to raiding. Will you be able to attend

raids 2 nights per week?

I can't promise but it is my intention. Some weeks I wont be able to sign up because of

uncertainties with school and work. Will most probably show up anyway but better to not

sign up and come then to sign up and not come. Most of the time I will know a week or so

in advance.

13. What did we forget to ask you about?

The Omen, Vent, DBM and computer combustion part.
Got them, haven't seen any smoke yet.

14. Anything else we should know about you?

I like pie.
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