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Author Topic: Ye Olde Ferus Horror Picture Show  (Read 2249 times)


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Ye Olde Ferus Horror Picture Show
« on: 23, February, 2011, 15:49:28 »
Well, technically mostly <Pariah>, but it's really the same thing. Same people.

Level 60 Onyxia down. Hard to make out some of the names, but I spot Zweil, Kresh, Mizeth and myself who are still around.

Molten Core, posing at Ragnaros' place after defeating Majordomo.

Garr in Molten Core. Lots of people piled on the last add after downing the boss, which sent them flying when it died, so most of the raid is airborne in the picture. One of very few knockback effects in the game at the time, so this happened every week...

A couple of Pariahs standing on the roof of the Theramore keep after laying waste to the whole town. Part of a worldwide city raiding spree. I still have the single piece of medium leather I got from skinning their dog in the bank.

TBC. <Ferus> in Serpentshrine Cavern. Kill picture of Leotheras the Blind. No names in this one, unfortunately.

More TBC. Ferus posing with High Warlord Najentus in the Black Temple. Very... special fight.

Ferus in Darnassus. Part of a "lets kill some faction leaders" killing spree during TBC. This was the best "group pose" of the bunch (no guards running around).
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