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Author Topic: [Trialed]Application of Kalamaloo, enhance shaman  (Read 1140 times)


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[Trialed]Application of Kalamaloo, enhance shaman
« on: 24, October, 2018, 01:30:33 »
0. Why would we want you to join us? (No, don't answer that here, but keep it in mind for the rest of the application.)

1. Is this an application for raiding, social or super secret espionage purposes?

2. Who, where, and what are you in real life? Name, age, number of ears and all that stuff.
Hey my name's Jack, I'm 25 and I live in Scotland

3. What is your character's name, class, level, spec, race, and hair colour?
Race:Tauren (OG)
Hair colour:Erm... tauren colour? Brown

4. Is this your main character? What other characters do you play actively?
Kala is my main, I also have a 120 prot pala and arms war. Got pretty much everything at lv100 or higher. Lock was main in legion, is currently 111 and will probably be the next char I level up. Everyone likes a lock for G'huun ;)

5. What is your favorite drinking song, cooking recipe, toothpaste brand or conspiracy theory?
Euthymol is some nice toothpaste but my dentist told me to get back on the fluoride. That's two questions in one isn't it?

6. What's the reason you're on RPPvP Scarshield Legion (or whichever connected realm you're on)?
I've been on Defias ever since I first started WoW when I was 14. My friend played on the server and instilled in me the belief that RPPVP are the only real servers. It's not RP if it's not PVP

7. Why do you want to join Ferus?
I want to get that sweet heroic gear. I nearly got there with legion but my ex pulled the "it's me or the game" card on my ass. No girlfriend now though! Also you guys raid midweek which is what I'm looking for.

8. Do you know any of our current members? If so, what filthy lies did they tell you?
Nope dunno any of you :(

9. What guild(s) have you been in before, and what was the reason(s) you left?
I was in Risen (Ravenholdt I believe) at Legion launch and raided with them. I was also in the Mistrunner Tribe waaaaay back. Apart from that no serious guilds.

10. Which aspects of the game do you find the most enjoyable?
To be honest, 2v2 arenas and BGs. But successful raids are 90% as fun.

11. Whence tell granule purple and maybe little flicker?
Ok you got me there.

12. What did we forget to ask you about?
Am I a philistine? Absolutely.

13. Anything else we should know about you?
Item level 356. And I like the sound of your barbecue
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Re: Application of Kalamaloo, enhance shaman
« Reply #1 on: 24, October, 2018, 04:23:21 »
Heya! We'll get back to you soonish, just know that we're relatively melee heavy at the moment. Or at any given moment, really.
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Re: Application of Kalamaloo, enhance shaman
« Reply #2 on: 27, October, 2018, 12:54:57 »
Heya, poke an officer for an invite. Trialed.

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